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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Beauty That Can Only Be Felt

Recently, amidst the stress and tension brought about by the exam season, I had one particular issue that has been bugging my mind, more now than ever. Just a few days ago, I begged for my dear life that Allah would show me a way to resolve it for good.

Caught up with all that, I just thought, I needed someone to talk to. An actual physical person. Just so I can air it out. This matter is starting to suffocate me, what with my being alone in the room to do my revision most of the time.

Then today, after a long hiatus, I had two people, out of nowhere, wanting to talk to me, discussing this particular issue of mine. Yeah, two people, in one day, brought up the same exact topic, a topic that I hardly discuss. And today is one of those boring-days where I am supposed to do my revision, but not so. Talk about coincidence, huh. And it gets better. It was as if both were speaking my mind out. Just that, one, spoke from my jahiliyah side, one, with tarbiyah.

After the two-hour call from the latter person, only then I realised, that Allah is answering my prayer right now. But see, He's doing it with style. He chose not to just lay things out flat on my face. It's as if He's trying to not insult my intelligence and at the same time training me to handle things through the tarbiyah that I had. My interaction with Allah never stopped being interesting :')

"Think Sofina, think. A daie should be able to think through Islam's point of view ALL the time."

Didn't I myself choose to soar out to become an intelligent musleh? This is just one step towards achieving that. Redha of what He gives you, and may He be redha of what we offer Him.

Make a decision,
And lots of du'a along all those.

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